LEA3: creating a new bilingual website

Note: This module is in English

The web project for the LEA (Langues Etrangeres Appliquées) 3rd year, is to create a new website for an english singing choir.

« International Singers » is a choir located near Lille. Their website was kind of « outdated » and so they decided to collaborate with our 3rd year students.


  • understand the choir needs
  • design the new website
  • create a promotional video
  • create a bilingual (french/english) website

Here are some milestones concerning this project:

  • sept 2016: the beginning of the project: « what do you need ? »

Same question, another answer (sorry for the sound, because of the wind)

  • dec 2016: Mid-term feedback: after receiving the different work-in-progress versions, the choir expresses its appreciation

  • April 2016: the choir chooses a video and a new layout (to be followed)